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Here are some questions we are frequently asked about for iPad charging and syncing applications.  Call us if you have other questions that we haven't addressed below. 

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  1. How long does it take to charge 16 iPads using the DS-IP-SYNCCHARGE or DS-IP-PP16 devices?

  2. I have a variety of USB devices that I would like to charge. Is there a universal USB charger?

  3. Are your USB charging and sync-charge devices Energy Star compliant?

  1. How long does it take to charge 16 iPads using the DS-IP-SYNCCHARGE or DS-IP-PP16 devices?
  2. Note: These test were done before the release of the latest iPad in March 2012, with it's larger battery. Our devices still provide the optimum charging for the newest iPads but the charge time may be longer because of the larger battery (42 watt hours vs 25).

    Charging speeds for iPads: We ran some tests, charging iPads that had been completely depleted, to see how long various methods took to re-charge them from 100% empty to 100% full. 

    We found the following:

    USB port 2.0: On a desktop PC, it took 13 hours 30 minutes to charge a single iPad through the trickle charge on the USB port. The iPad does not display that the unit is charging. We have heard that this can take longer if it is done on a computer or notebook that goes into sleep mode.

     On some multi-USB hubs (even powered hubs), the USB charge shares the available power supply and would take even longer. On one 24-port hub we reviewed, the unit had a 22.5W power supply which gives less than 200mA per port so trickle charging would take more than twice as long as even the worst PC port. If the iPad is used daily for a few hours, the net charge in the iPad (if charged on this hub each evening) would go down.

    Plugged into the Cambrionix C3 USB board used in the DS-IP-SYNCCHARGE: A complete empty-to-charged cycle took 4 hours, 35 minutes. According to Cambrionix, this charging time is the same as would be using the charging block supplied with the iPad itself. This would be the time required whether you are re-charging one or 16 iPads, as each port is provided with the full power required.

    If the charge status of the iPads is not 100% empty, the time would be less.


  3. I have a variety of USB devices that I would like to charge.  Is there a universal USB charger?

  4. Even though the “U” in USB stands for “universal,” not all USB devices have the same power requirements for charging nor do they all communicate their charge status or use the same pin configurations. For many applications, this is the holy grail of charging. Some of the USB charging and charge-and-sync hubs we provide are designed for Apple devices but they will charge a wide variety of other devices.  These are not universal.

    We have recently introduced the first truly universal USB charging hubs, using a new technology from Cambrionix. In 8- and 16-port versions, they not only identify the device connected to each port and change the charging profile of that part; they are future-proof, providing an updated firmware that will work with any future USB-chargeable device.  Click here for more information


    We have hubs that provide 500mA, which is the standard power provided in most USB 2.0 ports also.

    All the Cambrionix boards and the enclosures and power supplies we provide are created for the professional user, not consumers. They are durable and built for constant use. They can be used in engineering and institutional environments where they are not viewed as disposable consumer hubs.

    Here are some notes on the form-factors that charge, some of which also sync to a host.


    • DS-C-U8 (8-Port Universal Charging): Universal and future proof

    • DS-IP-PP16 (PowerPad 16) (16 port charging hub): Designed for Apple products (iPads (new iPad and all previous generations), iPods and iPhones), this will charge up to 16 USB devices and deliver a reliable 2.1A to each USB port. It may work with other USB devices. If you have an Apple AC adapter of the type provided with an iPad (or can borrow one), plug your devices into a USB cable and see if they charge when the USB (A) end of the cable is plugged into the little white Apple AC adapter when that adapter is plugged into a wall socket. If they do, they will probably charge with the PowerPad 16. No connection to a host computer is needed.

    • DS-IP-SC-49 (49 port hub):  This will sync up to 49 USB devices to a host, but it also provides a constant 500mA of power to each USB port so it can charge some devices that only require that power for charging. It requires a powered host connection.

    • DS-CH-32-500 (32 port charging hub): This will provide 500mA of power to each of 32 USB ports. It does not require a connection to a host (like some other USB hubs) but can charge in a standalone configuration. Again, it is not universal but it will charge many types of USB-chargeable devices (including iPods and iPhones).

    DS-IP-SyncCharge (16 port charge-and-sync hub): This device can be used on a tabletop, mounted in a cabinet or placed in a case for portable charging and syncing. It has two modes: charging (at 2.1A per port) and syncing (for communicating to a host to sync content). It was designed for Apple devices and works with iPods, iPhones and iPads (which require the 2.1A power for quick charging). As with the DS-IP-PP16 PowerPad 16 above, you can test whether this will charge devices by using trying them with a USB-AC Apple adapter. Virtually any USB device that will be addressed by a host computer will communicate to the device for purposes of syncing.

    The DS-IP-SyncCharge may also be of interest because it has some unique features that allow you to communicate with each port through a serial connection. You or your systems integrators can write simple software scripts that can control each device through its computer control mode. No other professional hub has that capability. It could, for example, allow you to turn on or off the charge or sync mode at a certain time of day.


    A universal 16-port version of this is coming soon.


    Supports new iPad and all previous generations.

  5. Are your USB charging and sync-charge devices Energy Star compliant?

  6. All the Datamation Systems USB charging and sync-charge devices are provided with power supplies that meet Level V or equivalent efficiency standards and, therefore, meet Energy Star standards. In some ways, their use can be more energy efficient than using large numbers of individual AC adapters for charging.


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